Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's that time of year again...Science Fair Season.  I appearantly didn't learn my lesson last year and have put it off till the last minute again.  This year, we are testing the energy levels in fruits and vegetables.  The idea is that you put a penny and a galvanized nail in a potato, hook up the wires that are connected to a lightbulb, and the lightbulb lights up.  After several hours of placing and replacing pennies, nails, and wires, we learned that we weren't getting enough power for our lightbulb, and that we needed smaller lightbulbs that would actually light.  So tonight, we will try, try again, but this is what our poor potato looked like last night.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kitchen Facelift



So a few months ago, I decided that I was fed up with my crappy old kitchen cabinets and that it was time to give them a much needed facelift.  I had been thinking about it for about 3 years and it took me about that long to convince my husband they would turn out okay, but I finally convinced him that even if I messed up, they couldn't possibly look any worse than they did.   In the end, he caved and let me do it!  I painted them white, sanded the edges, then stained over the top with a dark walnut stain. (I hear gel stains work well, too, but I haven't ever tried them.)  It was messy and time-consuming, but totally worth it!  And as an awesome Christmas present to myself, we topped them off with beautiful granite countertops!
As a busy mother of 5 (!) I'm always looking for great ideas to make my life, and the life of my family more beautiful and simple. Hopefully, you can find some good ideas here, and you will share your thoughts and ideas too!
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