Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like this when they smell chocolate?

Maybe I need an intervention.
Maybe not.

Beginner Omlette

I'm trying to eat better breakfasts that are full of protein and fruits and veggies so that I don't eat candy all morning will be more healthy.

I'm no expert on omlettes, but found that this way is the easiest for me. 

I start with the veggies.  I add whatever I have on hand--this morning was onions, mushrooms and canadian bacon.  Sometimes I use broccoli and sometimes it's just pico and cheese. 

Then I pour my eggs on the griddle.  {1 whole egg, 3 egg whites}  This is the tricky part because I have to make sure it doesn't roll off of the griddle.  I realize that they make pans for this kind of thing, but I don't have a good one, and I kind of like how it is rectangular instead of round, because then I can roll it better. 

After a minute, I turn it, and then add a little cheese and put the veggies on. 

Then it is ready to roll. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love {printable}

I made these the other day for a church lesson and thought I would share.

If you would like to print one for yourself, click here.
And here it is in 5x7.
I then added a heart to the bottom.  I used a heart punch on some cute cardstock, then sewed two of them together for depth.

Or you could just cut out one heart.  Or color one on.  Or two.  Or, you could use fabric! 

Super easy.  Super cute. 
And beautiful words.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Girl Can Dream

At the risk of adding to my competition, I wanted to show you all my future home.

Beautiful, right?
It's the HGTV Dream Home this year, and I'm probably going to win it.
It's about an hour away from my current house, and a little closer to my husband's work.

I love the stone in this room, and the Ikat prints.  And the Houndstooth wingbacks.
And those windows!  I love natural light.

The kitchen is beautiful, too.

Love the seperate fridge and freezer, and really love the dining chairs.  I think most of the furniture is from Ethan Allen.

My girls would fit nicely in this room...

...and the boys would like this one...

The master has some nice features like the lighting and the rug, but I might have to switch out a few items of furniture and possibly the paint...

That's it!  The reason I'm not in love with the master is that it seems to depart completely from the browns and blues that dominate the rest of the house...It's nice and all, it just doesn't seem to belong.

I really like the master bathroom, though.

...although my husband is a little worried about the windows in the shower...

Hmmm.  He has a good point.

The backyard is beautiful.

Back beyond the trees is a river.  Neat.
I'm pretty sure that I am going to win it.
But if I don't, I hope one of you do.
So I can come visit.
Just kidding.
{not really}

Have  a great weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am not a squeamish person.
I am facinated by the human body and don't freak out at the sight of blood.
I can clean out wounds and mop up barf and other gross stuff without any problems.
I had 5 C-sections and am no stranger to pain and oozing, and staples, etc.

But loose teeth make me sick.

I don't mind the beginning stages where it's fun to wiggle them and make them loose, but by the end when they are hanging there begging to be pulled it just grosses me out.
And then there is the pulling of those teeth.
It just seems so unnatural to yank a tooth out of a mouth.
I am shuddering just thinking about it.

My husband is even a little more squeamish than me.
He almost passed out during an ultrasound once.
To be fair, he did pull one tooth, once, and did okay once he was in the zone.

Usually we have them wait until we visit their Grandma, who is a tooth-pulling machine...
...but she lives two hours away.

So my kids are pretty much on their own when it comes to teeth pulling...which {thankfully} seems to be fine with them.

We are late-teeth-losers at our house.
I didn't lose my first tooth till I was eight and my first two kids were seven before they lost teeth. 
Usually, they are the last in their classes to lose a tooth, which is hard on them, but even more exciting when it finally happens.

Jefferson had been wiggling his tooth for about a week.  It was pretty ready to come out on Tuesday night, but he really wanted to lose it at school, because they give them a little box to put it in.
So on Wednesday, he did it.
I can't believe how brave he is.

And the Tooth Fairy came...
What does the Tooth Fairy bring at your houses? 
Does she take the tooth or leave it?
If she takes it, what does she do with them?

At our house, she brings a few dollars and takes the tooth.
Nobody really knows what she does with them.
Some ideas that we have are:
She sells them for money to give to all of the kids losing teeth,
She uses them to decorate her enormous tooth castle.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Visiting Teaching Message

I love the message this month.  It is called
 "Watchcare and Ministering through Visiting Teaching"
and it is a great reminder of the visiting teacher that I would like to become.

Sister Beck reminds us that "In reality, visiting teaching is never finished, it is more a way of life than a task." and Eliza R. Snow stated that "if you find a sister feeling cold, take her to your heart...and warm her up."

January is such a cold month, let's do all that we can to make it a little warmer.

To make this message, you will need:
Heavier paper
Something warm to share {I made little rice bag warmers and added some hot chocolate, but you could include anything warm--a scarf, mittens, soup, etc.}

Happy Visiting Teaching!

P.S.  If you want to make your own rice bag warmers, just take a 10x12 piece of fabric, fold it in half, {inside out} sew the long side opposite the fold, and one of the shorter sides.  Turn it right side out, press it, fold the open side in about a half an inch, then press it down.  Fill with 2-3 cups white rice, then sew open end closed.

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