Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am not a squeamish person.
I am facinated by the human body and don't freak out at the sight of blood.
I can clean out wounds and mop up barf and other gross stuff without any problems.
I had 5 C-sections and am no stranger to pain and oozing, and staples, etc.

But loose teeth make me sick.

I don't mind the beginning stages where it's fun to wiggle them and make them loose, but by the end when they are hanging there begging to be pulled it just grosses me out.
And then there is the pulling of those teeth.
It just seems so unnatural to yank a tooth out of a mouth.
I am shuddering just thinking about it.

My husband is even a little more squeamish than me.
He almost passed out during an ultrasound once.
To be fair, he did pull one tooth, once, and did okay once he was in the zone.

Usually we have them wait until we visit their Grandma, who is a tooth-pulling machine...
...but she lives two hours away.

So my kids are pretty much on their own when it comes to teeth pulling...which {thankfully} seems to be fine with them.

We are late-teeth-losers at our house.
I didn't lose my first tooth till I was eight and my first two kids were seven before they lost teeth. 
Usually, they are the last in their classes to lose a tooth, which is hard on them, but even more exciting when it finally happens.

Jefferson had been wiggling his tooth for about a week.  It was pretty ready to come out on Tuesday night, but he really wanted to lose it at school, because they give them a little box to put it in.
So on Wednesday, he did it.
I can't believe how brave he is.

And the Tooth Fairy came...
What does the Tooth Fairy bring at your houses? 
Does she take the tooth or leave it?
If she takes it, what does she do with them?

At our house, she brings a few dollars and takes the tooth.
Nobody really knows what she does with them.
Some ideas that we have are:
She sells them for money to give to all of the kids losing teeth,
She uses them to decorate her enormous tooth castle.


Vanasa said...

Walker says she grinds the teeth up and molds them into a quarter that she leaves for you. I told him they disappear and magically appear in his baby book (at least the first two did)

Andrea said...

I love pulling teeth. I do not like moping up throw up. You come my way and do that, and I will pull all the teeth for you. Deal?

Jill Campbell said...

I'm with you on the whole tooth thing. I can do almost any kind of gross, multiple surgeries, 18 broken arms among my kids, c-sections, lots of stitches, but I've never even wiggled one of my 7 children's loose teeth. Ever. Yuck.

Variety said...

The tooth fairy quit coming to our house a few years ago. Sadly, Katie has never received anything for her lost teeth. We finally gave up trying to remember to "visit" her and just fessed up. Also, I have a problem paying kids for losing a tooth. I don't know why it bothers me so. Both a good tooth: "why pay for something our bodies do normally" and a bad tooth: "pay you for having a rotten tooth?"

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