Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pure Awesomeness

My family just recently got back from a little road trip to the Oregon coast.  We saw some amazing things.  This was one of them:
Now, you guys have parobably seen and tried these, but I have never seen them here in Utah, so we had to try them, and they. are. amazing.

Am I the only person to have never tried these?!
I googled them when I got home and found several (uh-oh) ideas on how to replicate the taste.

The possiblilities really are endless.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Update

I had high hopes of being able to blog consistantly this summer, but alas, no.

This is just a quick post to let you know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

Remember this post?  Well, we all survived, and as I look back on that post, I can't help but notice that it sounded a little melodramatic.  It was a weird, scary day though.

We ended up not being evacuated, but this is what the mountain looked like when we went to bed that night:

and here's what it looked like the next day:
It was like there had never been smoke or flames or craziness the day before.
Thanks for all of the well-wishes and concern.

Our summer has been crazy busy!
We've been playing on the lake quite a bit.
The kids are getting pretty good at wakeboarding and love trying to get thrown from the tube.
{My toenails rarely look so pretty, that I had to take a picture...lovin' that Robbins toe.}

We've also been attending baseball and t-ball practices and games a few times a week.  It's been fun to see my kids learn a new sport.
Swimming lessons, too.
We've had a few birthdays,

...and parties and reunions,

and been busy with scout activities, girls' camp and youth conference.

I've snuck in a few projects--my favorite is this wingback chair that I made a slipcover for.

Our summer has been exhausting, but great so far.

Hopefully, we'll get the blog back on track when school starts again next month.

Have a great day!

P. S.  I normally don't like oranges in the summer, because they aren't as good as in the winter, but I had one the other day, and it. was. awesome!  Now I can't stop eating them.

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