Friday, March 11, 2011

To coop or not to coop
That is the question.

I've been trying to get over my aversion to raising chickens.

From a self-reliance standpoint, I think it's a great idea.

But I also have lots of concerns.

#1-The mess.  Those of you who already have chickens, what is the mess level?

#2-Taking care of them.  Is it a huge commitment to feed, care, and clean up after them?
{can you tell i'm worried about the mess?}

And most importantly,

#3-Where the coop would go and how it would look in my yard. 

Superficial, I know, but the yard's just starting to look nice and I worry about junking it up.

With something like this:

I've been trying to find some nice coops to inspire me. 
What do you think of these?

...I bet I can totally talk my husband into building one of these chicken mansions...

If we get chickens, I'll probably end up with something in between.

Does anyone know of any cute coop blueprint sites?


Momzoo said...

I LOVE my chickens, and I have found that if you have the right equiptment, they really don't take much time to care for. We spend probably, 10 minutes a day doing chicken chores, and maybe a hour a month (in the summer) cleaning the coop. Everything can be done by my kids. As for blueprint sites, just google it, there are tons out there.

Message me if you have questions, I could go on and on!

Dan and Kat said...

Dan and I love our chickens...we have eight chicks in our garage right now just waiting to be big enough to join our flock. You've seen how often we're home...they don't require much work at all. Our biggest complaint is the flies in the summer, but they can be nipped in the bud with a little fly tape. Dan built both our coops (the little one and "the barn" as we call it). There are some super cute one's out there and Cori Blunt sketches a pretty awesome coop. You should check hers out.

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, not I want chickens just so I can have one of those beautiful chicken mansions in my yard. Let me know what you think?

Ashley McKinnon said...

Those coops are nicer than my house!!!!

Pam said...

We have chickens and LOVE them! We put the coop on the side of our house. It is certainly not as cute as the ones you posted, but it is nice. Whatever coop you make, be sure it has plenty of ventilation so it won't get stinky, especially if your summers are hot. Also make an area that is enclosed for them to retreat and stay warm. We use the "deep litter" method in our coop meaning that we have several inches of shredded wood on the ground (like the shavings they use in horse stalls and we get it from a feed store) and it keeps things from getting stinky. The chickens like to kick the wood around so the poop gets buried. Then the wood biodegrades and you add more on top. Once a year you start over and can throw all the old shavings into a compost bin if you like. Our yard is not stinky at all and our chickies are happy. They are not much work at all and it is fun to watch them. What other pets give you food anyways! ;)

Pam (

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