Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still Recovering...

from an awesome thrift store trip today!

I've been trying to be better at the thrift store.

I generally don't buy things just because they are a great deal--I have to truly love them or have a need for them.

Sometimes, the thrift store is a bust...

...today it wasn't!

There were shoes!  GOOD shoes--not tired, granny shoes--beautiful, fun shoes! { I must be on some kind of animal print metallic kick....ha! kick! Get it?}

There were craft supplies!  {a scrapbook, 3 canvases and glitter--all new and unopened!}
Two early-edition Ernest Hemingway books {with that awesome old-book smell and uneven page edges!}  And a nutcracker!  {we collect nutcrackers--even the sad looking ones.  They look great grouped together at Christmas time--the kids have names for some of them; the one with the cold, the "get off my grass!" one, the general, the king, etc.}

A very cute bag!  {Perfect for church--large with lots of pockets! p.s. it's cuter in real life than in the picture...}

And this gem...

...from the moment I laid eyes on him, I had to have it! 
Do I know this guy?
Do I love his kind smile and happy eyes? {even though his eyebrows are a little creepy...} 

{The kids have already named him Uncle Ed.}

1 comment:

Amy C said...

It looks like you scored today! Don't you just love when you have a great trip to the thrift store!? I haven't been in a while, it's too hard to look thru stuff with my kids in tow.

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