Monday, May 9, 2011

Kittens & Dogs & Bees, Oh My!

This was no lazy weekend at our house.

In addition to yard sales, working in the yard, planting a few trees and filling the flower pots, running a few errands, a trip to Home Depot, sprinkler work, etc. etc...

we managed to have a little fun.

A few weeks ago, our cat had kittens. 

She always has them up in the storage space of our garage and then moves them to the ground when they get mobile.  On Friday, she brought them down and the kids have been loving them nonstop. 

Especially my 2-year-old, who goes into hysterics every time she gets within 10 feet of them. 

Like screaming teenage fan hysterics.

{she is so happy here that she's about to pass out...}

Then has a complete meltdown when we put them away.

Did I mention that she is 2?

{Note:  Our extra-special-extremely beautiful-and talented kittens will be looking for new homes in about 3 weeks...first come, first served}

We also had some good friends over to roast hot dogs and have s'mores!

And our bees came.

We decided last year to try one of my husband's all time dreams of beekeeping.

We managed to kill them all in just under 3 months.

So this year, we are trying again.

We picked them up Saturday and were just about to put them in the hive, when we discovered....

The queen was dead.

Luckily, the bee people were still there and we ran back for a new one.

Hopefully, we'll have better luck this year.

On Sunday, we got to spend some time with my mother!

I'm so thankful for her.  She is a wonderful example to me.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a super week ahead!


Melissa said...

I too have been dying to get honeybees!!! Where did you get them? Please post more on what you learn! I reeeeaaally want bees! :) But, of course, its nice to hear some pointers first!

And those kittens are so sweet! My kids would go crazy too. I love those pics of your baby! :) Can't say I blame her. I remember having kittens as a kid and that uncontrollable need to squeeze them. ( I didn't... I fought it hard!)

Very cute post! I love your blog! And I was just telling Wade how I have gotten to know Karin so much better through blogging and now I am excited to follow your blog for the same reason! :)

katie@tulsadetails said...

How sweet is your daughter with the kittens??? You are one brave girl! I am terrified of honey bees!!!

Laney said...

not only did those bees die in three months but they gave travus elephantitis of the arm!

Andrea said...

That is a neat thing to try. BEES. WOW!! I hope they work out. I love the skirt on your daughter. The boots look so cute. Where did you find that skirt?

Wendy said...

As long as I've known Alan his dream is to raise honeybees. We'll do it someday. In the meantime we've followed our friends Christmas card which for years has been an update on how many bees survive or don't. It's entertaining :) Now we'll follow your try!

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