Sunday, March 25, 2012

General Conference is Coming!

One week to go till General Conference!

I'm hoping to spend this week reviewing last conferences's talks and preparing some things for our kids to do so they will be able to listen quietly and hopefully learn something valuable.

For the past few conferences, we have gathered up some paper and crayons/colored pencils and when a new speaker comes on, we have them draw their picture, then write 2 or 3 things that the talk is about, or that they like from the talk.  Then we stick them on the wall under the TV. 

We leave them up for about a week, then we put them in a binder and use them for family home evening lessons, although this year, I think I will have my older kids put them in a binder so they can study them on their own, and make a book for the younger kids to take to church for sacrament meeting.

There are also a billion ideas on pinterest if you are looking for something to help your children get the most out of that YOU can get the most out of conference.  If you want direct links to the following ideas {and many, many more} you can visit my pinterest General Conference page here.

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Conference Bingo is always a hit at my house.


Jill Campbell said...

Great ideas. Where was your blog 10 years ago when all my kids were younger??? :)

MaryAnn said...

Wow. I wish I'd seen this before the last conference! This is a great way to get the kids involved in the talks, and to help develop a plan for discussing the talks at the next family home evening. Thanks for your great idea!

Belinda said...

Kathy! Thank you for sharing my flashcards. I can't wait to meet you. We're in the same JetBlue training class!

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