Monday, April 9, 2012


I made this bunny pillow about a week ago using a bunny from a placemat as a template.  I really like it.  It will probably stay on my couch all month even though Easter has passed.
My visiting teacher brought this for me last month!  Isn't it awesome?!
Ammon has been using my camera lately...there are tons of pictures of toys, the floor, blankets, and his cute little face.
The nectarine tree outside my window has blossoms all over it!  I hope that means lots of nectarines this year...they were so good last year.
Jefferson has lost 2 more teeth in the past 3 days {he pulled them himself}.  The tooth fairy will probably be going broke soon.
For some strange reason, my 3 year-old daughter has started insisting she take a picture of all of her food...I wonder where she gets that?
Large, tree branches in your foyer...neat or weird? {they are high enough to not poke out anyones' eye...unless they are over 6'3"...}
I found this bag at the thrift store the other is really cute.  I bought it for $10 which is steep for the DI, but got home and did a little bit of research and found that it is a "Petunia Pickle Bottom" bag from her "cake" line, and they sell brand new for {you better sit down} $395.00.  Seriously!
Although I love it, it is generally used as a diaper bag, and since I don't really carry one, I will probably sell it.

What's up with all of you? 

I hope you have a great day!

P.S.  I've been approached from some companies about doing some giveaways...anyone interested?


Zoe said...

Holy freak you found a Cake bag at DI. Wow!!!! Also, LOVE the blossoms. :-)

Susan W. said...

Yep, I love the blossoms, too. And your cute kiddos with their photo-taking! The pillow is awesome, and wow, what a VT! She is right-- you ARE a princess.

Thank-you so much for sending over the magic potion for my throat. It tastes delicious, is soothing, and, most of all, makes me feel like I matter because of your care in sending it. You are more than a princess; you are an angel. :)

van Zwol Family said...

Love the pillow. And that's a sweet deal you got there. I'm not a bag/purse person, but for resale that's awesome!
Oh and of course - who isn't interested in giveaways?!

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