Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Visiting Teaching Message

Our message this month is on becoming more spiritually and temporally self-reliant.

Elder Robert D. Hales explained, “The purpose of both temporal and spiritual self-reliance is to get ourselves on higher ground  so that we can lift others in need.”

How do we become more self-reliant?  Some ideas were to become educated, avoid debt and live within our means.  To become spiritually self-reliant, we must live our covenants, be worthy of a temple recommend, serve others and worthily partake of the sacrament.

P1180963For the message this month, I printed the message on some fun autumny paper {I got mine at The Wood Connection in American Fork} and made a printable of the principles of self-reliance that are listed in the Ensign.

To assemble this for your sisters, you will need a 12x12 sheet of paper that is printed on both sides.

Fold the bottom of the paper up about 4 inches till it looks like this, then fold it the other direction into thirds.

P1180964P1180966 P1180968  Take the message, the principles of self-reliance card, and a candy bar-like treat and put them into your newly formed pockets.  The message is the tallest, so I put it in the middle.

P1180969 Fold everything together and then add a 3 inch strip of contrasting paper around the middle, securing it with tape in the back.


Add a bow and you’re all done!

P1180973P1180975Happy Visiting Teaching! 


Andrea said...

I love these ideas. Please keep them up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the darling handout idea! Your inspiration and time is so appreciated. I know the ladies i visit will think this is great.

Roxie said...

This was perfect! Thank you for your work!

Robin Jordin said...

Thank you thank you!! This is cute and perfect!!

Kristie and Trevin said...

You are awesome! Thank you so much! Good thing we all have different talents! :)

daniela said...

This idea is SO AMAZING! I used it for my VT this month. Thanks!!


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