Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Visiting Teaching Message {The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: The Only Begotten Son}

This month’s Visiting Teaching message continues the series of lessons focusing on the Savior.  “As we come to understand what it means for Jesus to be the Only Begotten Son of the Father, our faith in Christ will increase.”

Having faith in Jesus Christ is believing that He was the Only Begotten of the Father, that he paid for our sins with the Atonement, and that he will be Resurrected.

As we study the Savior’s life this Christmas season, let’s exercise and expand our faith in Him, by keeping our covenants and living as He did.


For the handout this month, I found this great tree pattern here.  Print and cut out the template, tape the two pieces together and trace it onto some festive thicker 12x12 paper. 

P1200202 Cut it out, and then fold where indicated.  I used a bone folder and straight edge for easier folding.  P1200191P1200192P1200193P1200194P1200195 P1200196  Affix tape on the edge {I used double-stick} and assemble the tree.


P1200197 Print the message, cut it into a square and fold it so that it fits inside the tree.

Here’s how I folded the message so it would fit:

P1200204 P1200205 P1200206 P1200207 P1200209 P1200210 P1200211 P1200212

When you are done folding the message, add a treat and secure the bottom shut with tape.

P1200201Feel free to decorate your tree with ribbon, washi tape or string like in the sample.  I left mine plain, because I liked them just how they were.

Print, cut and affix the tag and deliver!

P1200186P1200189  Happy Visiting Teaching!

P.S.  These are also available for purchase at the Country Loft {288 E. Main Street} in Lehi, Utah.  If you go in to purchase some, will you please mention that you saw them here?  Thanks!

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