Friday, January 24, 2014

Around Here

Around here, we {mostly Travus} have been busy working in our basement.P1200326P1200332P1200343P1200478It was partially finished when we moved in, but there is still a lot to do.  We decided to sacrifice a bedroom to enlarge the downstairs family room.  It’s coming along nicely and will some day be awesome!

Around here, We {mostly me} have been recognizing our hoarder messy tendencies, and have resolved to be better and more orderly.

P1200474Looks like an office overhaul is in my near future.

I’m hoping to use these thrifty finds to make my office fabulous!cabinets And speaking of thrifty finds, how cute is this brass roadrunner?!  He makes me smile.

RoadrunnerAround here, we’ve been looking for ways to eat a little healthier.  I found this recipe in a magazine at the gym and am excited to try it.  I’ve never had brussels sprouts before, but hey, if they are good enough for Beyonce and Jay Z, they are good enough for me.

beyonceSpeaking of food, I also cannot wait to use my new hot sauce from Puerto Rico!  Anyone have any good recipes that this would work in?sauce Have a great weekend!

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