Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Visiting Teaching Message {General Conference Preserves}

Hello!  I always love whipping up another batch of General Conference Preserves.  I hope you enjoy sharing them with your sisters this month.GCpreserves copyTo bottle your own preserves, you will need 3 sheets of regular weight paper {I like to use a fun print on the side that I don’t print on}, a canning jar, and a treat.

Print the messages here and here

P1210037 Print the labelP1210026 Cut and assemble

…and you’re done!

Happy Visiting Teaching!


Hampstead Young Women said...

Yeah! Thank you for doing this. I have been checking often hoping you would do a new set a conference preserves. Can't wait to get started on mine.

Andrea said...

I always can count on you. You do such a good job with this. Can't wait to share it with my sisters.

Lana said...

Thank you! I love making these for my sisters.

Lindsay Lini said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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