Friday, October 23, 2015

October Visiting Teaching Message-Divine Attributes of Jesus Christ: Filled With Charity and Love

The Guide to the Scriptures defines charity as “the highest, noblest, strongest kind of love”. It is the pure love of Jesus Christ. As we learn of Jesus Christ and strive to become like Him, we will begin to feel His pure love in our lives and be prompted to love and serve others as He would.

The Visiting Teaching Message this month discusses charity and love, and how we can exercise those attributes to bring comfort to others.

For the handout, I decided to include with the message one of my favorite comfort items—soup. 

20151023_101947[1]To assemble this handout for your sisters, print the message and the tag, and affix to some cute fall-y paper.

I included a soup mug and wrapped everything in clear wrap for mine, but you can certainly just do soup and the handout if it works best for you.  Any soup will do.  Homemade, canned, or a dry mix, like mine.

20151023_102846[1] Happy Visiting Teaching!!


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