Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Buntings, Baby!

I've been busy making buntings for my friend Kelli, who has a photography business.
I made a couple a few months ago for Christmas,
and one for Valentines Day.
Here's my bunting in Kelli's photo.  Doesn't it look awesome?!  She takes great pictures.
I also made some boyish ones and girlish ones.
I love how this denim one turned out.
Buntings aren't really hard to make.
First pick some fabric, and decide on a template. {There are a billion templates online that you can print out.  Here is the one I use.}
Then cut.  You can use a single layer of fabric or double {and sew them together}.  I wanted a front and a back, so I cut two,
sewed them wrong-side out, then turned them right-side out and pressed them flat.
{I used to never press my sewing projects, because I am lazy.  They turned out fine and all, but a few years ago, I was working on a sewing project with a friend at her house and she ALWAYS presses her sewing projects.  And they looked fabulous.  She keeps her iron on and at the ready whenever she sews.  I became a presser on that day and have never gone back.  When you press a sewing project, {especially if you use a great-smelling starch} your sewing projects just turn out better and in my case, hide my lack of skills in the sewing department...}
When you are all done assembling your triangles, lay them out in a pattern that you like and pin them to the basting or string that you are using to keep them together. 
{You can also use fabric glue to keep them in place before you sew them into the basting.}
I loved the Valentine one so much I decided to make one for myself!  Here's how it turned out:
I think I'm going to make one next week to bring out on birthdays....
Have a great day!


Andrea said...

Those are adorable. You should sell those. I am going to have to try and make a few now.

Shannon Beeton Johansen said...

Hey, do you sell them? I would love to have you make me some if you do sell them. Let me know, thanks!

Kristianne said...

Those are so cute!

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