Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twirly Thingy Tutorial

I used a few of these twirly thingies in the March VT message and wanted to show you how I made them.
Start by cutting strips of paper.  The one below is about 2x12 inches wide.  I needed two 2x12 strips.  Then fold them like a fan.
Once you are done folding, stick them together.
Then connect the remaining sides.
Gather one of the ends into the middle and stick a dab of glue inside, holding it together till it dries.
If you want, stick something over the middle part, and you are done!
For the smaller ones, I used 1x12 strips and it only took one. 
I can think of a million things to use these for...have you ever made twirly thingies?  What did you use them for?  And does anyone know what they are really called?!


Tonii said...

Thank you for the awesome tutorial! I always see these and wonder how they are made :) And can I just say..I loved that you call them twirly thingy...I have no idea what the proper name is but that one explains them perfectly!

Smullin Family said...

I've seen them called medallions and rosettes.

Amy C said...

I call them accordion flowers, but I don't know the technical name. :)

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