Monday, October 8, 2012

Good-Bye Home Tour {Part 2}

Welcome to part two of my Good-Bye Home Tour!
Today we are headed downstairs and into the backyard.
One thing I really like about our stairs, is that it is split at the bottom.
I like how it makes it feel more open.
I used to have a little gallery wall there by the landing, but those photos have already been packed.
Downstairs is our family room, two bedrooms, and our laundry/storage room.  The basement was partially finished when we moved in.  We replaced carpet, painted, and installed baseboard.  We also finished a bedroom and bathroom.
This is my boys' bedroom.  I somehow don't have a decent picture of it, but it is an interesting room because it has 2 doors; the one that you can see comes from the stairs, and there is also one at the foot of the bed, that leads to the family room and the bathroom.  It is in the process of being packed, so it feels pretty naked right now.
This is my girls' room.  I made the headboards, but never really got around to putting the rest of the room together.
Outside their bedroom is a small hallway that leads to the bathroom.  We built this bookcase there.
Here is the bathroom.  It was our most recent project, and we are so glad to have it complete.
Just to be thourough, I'm throwing this picture in.  This is the laundry/storage room.  It has some good space, so that's nice, but it's a dark, partially unfinished room in the basement.  That, combined with the fact that it is the laundry room, made it one of my least favorite rooms in this house.
Outside is our patio.  We had this poured about 3 years ago and continue to love it.  It gets a lot of shade in the afternoon and it is perfect for hot summer afternoons.  My husband and I debated on having the concrete stamped--I thought I wanted just plain concrete, but he wanted stamped.  When I found out I could have the stone stamp around the edges, I was sold.  I'm so glad we had it stamped, and would do it again.
Another feature of our house we will miss is our hot tub.  It's really great to have in the wintertime when it is cold, and the kids love it.
Here is our garden space, and beehive {the bees are moving with us},
and here is our fire pit.  It was made in about 30 minutes from landscaping rocks that we found at Home Depot for about $100.  The sitting rocks are from our yard.  My husband dug them up when he was building the deck.  We have a lot of rocks here.
When we moved to this house, the backyard was unfinished, and was covered in tumbleweeds and garbage.  We planted the grass and fruit trees {2 cherry, 2 nectarine, 1 plum, and 1 peach}.  We have really loved our backyard and will miss having such a great space at the next house.
This house has been a great home for our family during the last 7 years.  We have loved making it our own, and will miss it. 
We will also miss all of the good people in our neighborhood who have made living here so nice.
Good-Bye Home!

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