Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cool or Creepy?

In addition to my pillow addiction, I have a nutcracker addiction. 
It started with a few, and then turned into a few more...
And then somehow, our home became a refuge for damaged and unwanted nutcrackers.
We now have over 50 of them.
Some of them are really nice.
Others are in rough shape.
My children have named some of them.
There's the "General"
"The one with the cold"
and the "Get off my grass!" nutcracker.
There's the golfer, the skier, and the toymaker.
There's the "one with the muppet nose"
And the super tall skinny one.
They are kind of fun to pull out at Christmas.
 But when we ammassed a large group of them together, we started to wonder:
Are they cool?
Or are they creepy?



Living the Scream said...

lol I love the names your kids came up with. I think they are cool! They might make me nervous if it was dark and they were in my room. But very cool in your kitchen lol :)

Nicole said...

I've always liked Nutcrackers...but they are a little creepy. My grandma had an awesome special-edition missionary nutcracker, and she left it to me in her will. All of the family was mad that I got it. I like it...but I haven't had the heart to display it.

Kristiina said...

Creepy never really crossed my mind until you said it, I would say Cool AND Creepy.

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