Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Around the House {Christmas Decorations-Part 2}

My name is Kathy and I have a pillow addiction.
I have Halloween pillows, Christmas Pillows, Easter pillows, and summer pillows--in addition to our regular, everyday pillows.
The pillow covers on my bed were a thrift shop find.  They are hand-pieced, and hand-quilted.  They were $3 for the pair.{!}  I ask you, how could I just leave them there?
The kids have Christmas pillowcases...and a couple of throw pillows for their beds.
  On a completely unrelated topic, we inherited this super bold blue paint when we moved in.  The color is starting to grow on me, but it is in my girls' room, and doesn't go with anything they have.  I haven't decided on a new color yet, or if I should paint it the same neutral light-greige that is in the rest of the house.  What do you think?
And pillows are on every sofa and chair.
I also have a garland,wreath-and-light addiction at Christmas time.
I am hopeless.
What are your decorating addictions?
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