Friday, August 9, 2013

Our First Major Project

P1180333 One of the features we liked most about our old house was the patio we had poured just a few years before moving.  From that project we learned how such a seemingly small improvement to your house can change the way you live.  The weedy, bug-filled junky, wasted space under the deck became another room in our house to play and lounge and read and gather.


P1180335So we knew that when we moved to the new house, we wanted to have a patio poured pretty quickly.

P1180336Another thing that we needed to do at this house was pour some proper steps.  These natural stone steps were pretty, but were slightly treacherous, and would shift as you stepped on them, making it hard to reach the backyard.P1180338When we decided to do this project, we called Parker Smith from Great Western.  He did our last patio and we loved his work, and we were so happy when he could find time in his busy schedule for our project.   P1180339 One of the first steps was to rip out those rocks.  It took about 3 seconds with the Bobcat.  Now usually, we are pretty independent DIYers, but sometimes, you just have to let the professionals do their thing.  In this case, it is so worth handing the project over to them.P1180343

They got the frames all in and the stairs all formed, and then it was time for the concrete! P1180344

It was also time for me to go run an errand, so I missed the actual pouring :( But I came home to this!P1180350 P1180351 The concrete wall all poured, and they had started stamping it.

P1180352 P1180355P1180358 P1180359 P1180381  Here it is all done!  The patio has to dry completely before sealing it.  We waited a week.P1180357P1180383Sealing a patio is something that we can do ourselves, and we like the sealer from Redtop. P1180384 P1180385 P1180386

So pretty.  And so nice to have a great place to spend summer evenings.

P1180835 P1180837 P1180841P1180844P1180887P1180880P1180845Just in case you forgot what it looked like after this incredibly long post, here is a before, and after.















Have a great day!


The Lamoreaux Family said...

Love it!

ChicChat said...

Looks great!

Karin said...

It looks SO good Kath! I didn't get to see it when we were at your house last, so I loved this post.

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