Friday, August 8, 2014

Flashback Friday: Utah County Parade of Homes

With the Salt Lake County Parade of Home well under way this week, {and me not going, boo hoo} I decided to go through some of my hundreds of pictures from the Utah County Parade of Homes in June.


There is so much to love about the Parade of Homes.  The beautiful homes and furniture, the great decorating ideas and the girl time with my parade buddy, Lisa.

I also love that I come away feeling inspired and energized to tackle some of the decorating and design issues in my own home.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

20140607_182548I loved this house in Highland, because it was fun and fearless.  It reminded me that my house is mine to do whatever I want with, and that I shouldn’t be afraid to put a hole in the wall or to personalize it in ways that will make me and my family happy.

20140607_18150520140619_18495120140607_18163320140607_181609 20140607_181800 20140607_182010 20140607_182252These are random photos from different houses.  I have the perfect place to do horizontal stripes in my own home.  I love that it this would-be boring, awkward wall interesting.20140619_165019Almost every home we visited had a sliding barn door.  Oh, how I love a good sliding barn door. 20140619_174022Another trend this year: secret doors.  Awesome. 20140619_181959This bedroom was beautiful.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it had the perfect balance of pink and gold.  So pretty.20140619_194149This whitewashed herringbone brick fireplace.  I love it so much.20140619_194434The house with this dress-up room in it had a colossal play room, with different themed areas.  Lego room, salon room, candy store room, and of course kids’ movie theater and video game station.  But this dress-up room is genius.  Every home should have a dress-up room.  Am I right?! 20140620_124909There were lots of decorations at the Parade of Homes where I could hear my mother’s voice in my head when I saw them.  “We could make that,” she used to say when we were shopping.  It used to drive me nuts.  Now I get it.  I heard her when I saw this great bench.  20140620_172028 That light.  So fun. 20140620_192222This home in Mapleton also had a lot of great features.  And I looooved the decorating.  20140621_132223 20140621_132427 20140621_132801 20140621_132437 20140621_152538And I always love the parade home by Ezra Lee.  His homes are super contemporary and creative.  And while we don’t always have the same taste, I always leave his homes inspired to try new things. 20140621_16220820140621_163105One last thought.  In talking to others about the Parade of Homes, some of them tell me that they like to go, but sometimes feel like visiting these homes makes them feel sad, or like their own homes don’t measure up.  I can honestly tell you, that I’ve had those same thoughts in the past myself.  These homes are new and pristine and have been decorated by professionals.  In most cases, no real person or family has ever lived in these homes.  So there is no clutter, or clothes.  No kids’ art projects strewn all over the place.  No family pictures on the walls.  They are just houses.  They are not homes.  When I visit these houses, I remember that and it takes the my-house-is-not-good-enough feelings away. 

Because I wouldn’t trade all of my mess for the most perfect home in the world.

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