Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Picker Sister Moment

I found this old cart on KSL.
KSL is an online classifieds site here in Utah. 
 I took a before picture, but cannot find it. 
Just imagine it taller...it was about 36". 
I thought that with a little bit of work, it would be an awesome coffee table. 
 Luckily, I have a neighbor who is a welder.  He cut it down to 18" for me and then welded the top back on.  Then I sanded some boards and added them to the top. 
I'm still deciding what color to paint or stain it or if I should do anything more with it at all. 
I love the aged patina and that it is on casters! 
I'm also trying to decide if I should keep it or sell it. 
I really love it, but it doesn't really fit very well in my house {stylistically, or space-wise}. 
Maybe a patio coffee table? 
What do you think?


Amy C said...

That's awesome that you can imagine what you want when you find something like that! I think it would make a great patio table and it'd be easy to move to get out of bad weather!

Andrea said...

Very creative idea. I love it. KEEP IT!! I am thinking tiffany blue for paint Keep the castors their original color.

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