Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Visiting Teaching Message

The title of April's Visiting Teaching Message is
Love, Watch Over, and Strengthen.

As I was thinking about all of the great points in the lesson, I realized that we should watch over our sisters like a bird watches over her nest.

A bird doesn't just check in with her eggs once a month, and neither should I.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a real nest, or a nest I did both.  I think I will be giving my sisters the "real" nests, but if you aren't feeling very crafty, you can just print the nest picture on one side with the message on the other, and stick on some eggs {I used eggs that were just halves from the dollar store}.

You will need eggs of some kind, treats, and paper {some brown if you are printing your nest, and another, Springy color} for the labels.  If you are making the "real" nests, you will need more stuff.  Watch tomorrow for a list of those things and a tutorial.

I also have just the message {print on the front of your sheet of paper} and what I like to call the "9 Habits of Highly Effective Visiting Teachers" {print on the back}.

9 Habits of Highly Effective Visiting Teachers-1 per page

Happy Visiting Teaching!


Diana Goellner said...

Can I get a link to the 9 Habits of an effective VT? I want to use it in my RS Conference. Thanks

Allyse said...

Hi, I love your ideas! Can I get the files for the message and 9 Habits of an effective Visiting Teacher. I am helping my mom get ready for Visiting Teaching Conferences and she would love to use this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Could I kindly get a link to the message and the 9 Habits of an effective Visiting Teacher printout? I would love to use them next month as part of my presidency message in RS. Thank you!

ryanziwi said...

Could I please get a link to the message 9 habits of an effective Visiting Teaching it is so neat and love the bright colours , it is for our Relief Society Birthday. Thank you.

Cara said...

I really enjoyed your post and ideas. Could I please have the link to the 9 habits of an effective VT? I would like to share it with our RS in September. Thank you!

Isa Leota said...

Good afternoon!

Really love your ideas. Can I please have the link to anything VT you are willing to share? I am trying to organize a VT Conference and would love to use some.. Please and thank you very much.

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