Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yard Sale Gold

The other day I was driving home and saw a large yard sale.

Of course I stopped and looked around and found a few random things like gloves and some patio {Christmas?} lights.  I was about to leave when they told me that there were a bunch of things in the shop out back that they were selling too, so I went back there and--

{cue chorus of heavenly angels}

it was like I was in the middle of an episode of American Pickers, or Picker Sisters.

The guy there told me that they were moving to Florida and they just needed to get rid of almost everything. 

So I started digging and found a few things.  And the more I dug, the more I found.

I ended up with these little beautes.

These cocoa bean bags--when I told him I was going to make pillows out of them, he gave me that "you're-crazy-but-whatever" look and told me I should probably wash them first.

This little stool--That he couldn't believe I wouldn't want to paint.

When I started sanding the big flakes of paint off, look what I found!

Well, hello bajillion baby praying mantis'.  Welcome to the world.  Go.  Eat my bugs.

I was going to put a clear coat of poly on it, but I guess it can wait till the babies leave.

And this!

It is one of those super-cool pieces that could go anywhere...nightstand, side table, little name it.

I think I will put it here:

In the sunlight, I fell in love with the rusty, chippy paint surface, but inside....I'm not sure.  What do you think?  Should I paint it or leave it?  What color?  Navy blue?  Turquoise?  Orange?

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