Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Around the Yard

One thing about moving in the Fall, is that you don’t really get to see what is going on in the yard until Springtime.  When we got here last November, it got cold soon after, and we were busy unpacking and getting settled and I actually didn’t walk around in the “wild” part of our yard until about March.



Finally, it has warmed up a little and we have been able to spend a little bit more time outside in the yard, and the more time we spend the more we can see that needs to be done.


P1180045 Last Saturday, we spent lots of time weeding, and clearing out flower beds.  We moved a tree, chopped down some sage brush, placed our bees in their new area, and found a giant leak in one of the sprinklers.


There are lots of differences between the yard at our new house and the yard at our old house.  We had put in the time to plant grass, put in a patio, plant a garden, trees, and flowers, we had a fire pit, fences, and a deck that we loved.  The kids had a lot of grassy area to play in.

P1180049 The new house has some great features.  It is a little larger than our old yard and a few of the trees are larger, so that is nice. 


There is plenty of grass for the kids to play on, and there is the wild part of our yard where they can climb and hide and explore.  There are a few nice shrubs and lots and lots of rocks. 


P1180052 At our old house, all of the rocks were underground, and every time you had to dig a hole, you could plan on moving a large rock before you were done.  During the winter, small rocks seemed to bubble to the surface, and every spring, there would be new rocks to clear out of gardens and flower beds.  At the new house, the dirt is pretty nice, but the people who lived here before had several boulders placed in the landscaping.  This is a new thing for us and I am currently in the process of cleaning out winter stuff {dried leaves, weeds, etc.} and looking for good native plants that will grow in the rocks with lots of afternoon sun hitting them.


P1180054  I am also on the hunt for deer-resistant plants, as there are several deer that live in the dry creek by our home.

P1180058 For now, though, I am enjoying all of the new plants that are popping up.  I’m not sure what most of them are-- most likely, they are horrible weeds, but I can’t wait to see what happens.


sayer13 said...

We live in an area where there are anywhere from 20+ deer on or around our yard most times. We have these particular flowers growing and have never had a problem with the deer eating them.
Bleeding Hearts - Bridalwreath Spirea - Columbine - Lilac's - Peony's - Snapdragons - Oriental Poppy's. Hope this helps you.

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