Friday, April 12, 2013

Yard Sale Season!

One reason that I love spring is because all of the yard sale signs start popping up again.  I went to my first good yard sale of the season today.  I found lots of great stuff {two springform pans, a nice leather bag, a lunchbox, a {working!}calculator, a large roll of alphabet stickers, a silver nativity, an alarm clock, a large picture frame and--Bella’s choice--a rocket} and walked up to the lady running the sale.

I said, “how much for this stuff?” I said.

She said “hmm…looks like you are at about $4.”

Now, I love a great deal just like the next girl, but I felt a little guilty only paying $4 for all of that.

So I said … “Are you sure?”

And she looked at me and said “This isn’t Dillards, you know, it’s a yard sale.”

P1170931 Oh, how I love yard sales!

1 comment:

Doran & Jody said...

AWESOME! My mother finds the greatest things at Yard Sales!

Me...meh, I don't seem to have the luck OR the creativity to see things as they COULD be.

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